The Step by Step Art of Ceramics

Nowadays lamps are created out of many different materials such as resin, glass, and iron just to name a few. Here at Coronet Lighting we create many of our lamp in ceramic. With our handcrafted process the outcome of the finished product is great!

There are many different options you have when creating a ceramic lamp here with us at Coronet Lighting. Not only do you get to create the lamp shape you want but you get to select from a variety of colors and techniques as well as custom accessories such as USB ports and convenience outlets. The process for creating a ceramic lamp begins with design. Once the design is created they make the carving. The master mold is then created and filled with clay. The master mold sits for a couple of hours to allow the plaster to absorb water. This process creates the ceramic walls. The mold is then pulled out which is now considered green ware.

The green ware lamp is then cleaned and perfected of any imperfections and fired in the kiln. Once fired in the kiln the lamp becomes bisque. Once the lamp is out of the kiln it’s ready for paint and or glaze. The glazed ceramic lamp is then fired once more and then ready to be assembled. Not only does making ceramics here in Los Angeles with this process sets us apart from other lamp manufacturers, but it also sets us apart in the hospitality industry as well since our lamps are in many hotels around the United States and the world!