Does Coronet manufacture custom lamps?

Yes. We produce custom lamps and fixtures. Our design and engineering departments specialize in custom hospitality products. Please refer to the CUSTOM section of our website for a selection showing our capabilities (new items are added regularly).

Where are Coronet lamps manufactured?

The vast majority are manufactured in our 200,000 square-foot Gardena, CA headquarters. Our facility is the most vertically integrated lamp factory in the USA, with high-fired ceramic kilns, metal plating, automated and hand-applied finishing, and high-production shade manufacturing. Overseas sources and quality control are used for certain components, products or projects when required.

Can finishes be changed from what is shown in catalog?

Yes. All Coronet lamps are made to order and many standard and custom finishes are available for wood, ceramic, resin or metal lamps. We specialize in matching finishes and colors. Challenge us with your swatches or pantone requirements!

Is Coronet “Eco-Friendly”?

Yes. As a domestic California manufacturer we are environmentally conscious and produce our product subject to the most stringent environmental regulations in the United States.

Does Coronet offer lighting fixtures?

Yes. For larger projects we produce custom fixtures including sconces, pendants, vanity fixtures. We represent Seagull Lighting with over 3,000 standard items. Seagull products are as-shown and cannot be changed. A LINK to the Seagull collection can be found in our FIXTURE section.

Can I order a lamp in small quantities?

Yes. We manufacture to the order and can usually accommodate small orders for suites and public areas. Keep in mind that our prices are based on quantity. We also stock a selection of lamps for quicker delivery (see next question).

Does Coronet stock any lamps?

Yes. We maintain a selection of attractive STOCK items on our website for small projects, suites or public areas. This selection changes often as items are added and dropped regularly.

What is Coronet’s normal leadtime?

For standard items our leadtime is typically 8 weeks after receipt of order and all design and credit issues are resolved. Custom lighting and imported products have a somewhat longer leadtime and the leadtime is always accurately quoted.

Does Coronet make available options such as outlets, data-ports, dual sockets, special sockets, special switches and bolt-down kits?

Yes. All lamps are made to order and produced per your requirements.

Does Coronet cater to the healthcare industry?

Yes. We can modify most items to meet healthcare requirements, including bolt-down kits and hospital-grade plugs.

Does Coronet produce lighting for humid climates?

Yes, for installations in seaside or extremely humid environments, please advise the factory as we can provide heavier painted finishes and specially treated “climatized” shade frames to retard rust. Plated finishes are not recommended in such climates. Proper cleaning techniques are vital in these environments to protect the finish.

What is the proper care for Coronet products?

To keep clean, simply wipe the lamps with a soft cloth. Occasionally, if necessary use a soft damp cloth. Never use polishes, abrasives or any chemicals under any circumstances.

Can I get a printed catalog?

Yes. We offer a printed catalog to the trade though it is not as extensive as our web-catalog. Our complete catalog, plus additional sections are contained in our website for qualified accounts.

Does Coronet sell directly to the public?

No. We are a manufacturer and distribute our products to the trade only.

Does Coronet sell replacement lampshades?

Yes. We manufacture both custom and standard shades.

Does Coronet manufacture lighting for foreign countries?

Yes, most items can be produced with foreign sockets, power cords and plugs. UL listing only applies to products using domestic wiring.