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Over 20 years ago Coronet proudly became the representatives to the hospitality industry for Sea Gull lighting. During that time we can say that their products have been well made and well received. We have had no issues with their products or we would have discontinued our association.

This relationship developed for several reasons:

  • Expands Coronet’s opportunity to provide lighting categories to our customers beyond our capabilities;
  • Enables our customers to access those items while just working with Coronet. There is no need to interact with yet another vendor. All inquiries, orders, payments and status matters pertaining to Sea Gull would be conveniently handled by us making the process so much easier for our customers; and
  • We can better coordinate their delivery dates with our products.

Now as Coronet prides itself on its extensive ability to manufacture its products in the U.S.A. and generally within 8 weeks (sooner very often). Sea gull generally imports its products. As a result:

  • Sea Gull’s lead time could be much longer. We need to check inventory levels at the time of the request or when the product will be available.
  • Although Coronet has tremendous custom capabilities, Sea gull has none. Their items cannot be modified in any manner whatsoever; It is manufactured and sold as shown

So please click through to their website on the link below. Ask us your questions. We will get back to you very quickly with the lead times and your pricing which will be substantially less than that shown in their catalogue.

Thank You and looking forward to helping you

Coronet Lighting

SEagull LightingBlack